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OpenGeo Suite: GeoServer I



The OpenGeo Suite: GeoServer I course offers newcomers to GeoServer a thorough look at the core functionality of the application. By the end of this course, students will be able to deploy, configure and manage a GeoServer instance in production.

The course is divided into seven modules, the first two of which introduce GIS, spatial concepts and the standard protocols GeoServer uses to communicate with clients. The remaining five modules each cover different aspects of GeoServer: publishing data; administration and security; data management tools; tile caching with GeoWebCache and production deployments.

Throughout the course, students will be doing exercises to practice what they have been learning. Videos will accompany the exercise sections to guide the students through the required steps.

Students will use a Linux virtual machine to run their GeoServer as if it were a production deployment. This will require a Windows, OS X or Linux computer with VirtualBox installed.

This course is equivalent to 30 hours of classroom instruction. Over three hours of video content is included.

Boundless instructors will be available to answer any course-related questions.

This course will expire 6 months from the date of purchase. Students will have unlimited access to the course during this time.

  • Introduction
  • Pre-course survey
  • Pre-course test
  • SU 301: Spatial basics
  • Introduction
  • Open-source geospatial
  • Data formats
  • Geometry
  • Location
  • Mapping
  • SU 302: Spatial web services
  • Introduction
  • Concepts
  • Survey of services
  • Requests
  • Web Map Service
  • Web Feature Service
  • Output formats
  • Other OGC services
  • Exceptions
  • GS 301: Data publishing
  • Introduction
  • Basics
  • Publishing
  • Configuring layers
  • Vector stores
  • Raster stores
  • Layer groups
  • GS 302: Administration
  • Introduction
  • Web administration
  • Configuring web services
  • Settings
  • Security
  • Troubleshooting
  • GS 303: Data management
  • Introduction
  • OGR
  • GDAL
  • Image mosaics
  • Cascaded stores
  • Database stores
  • GS 304: GeoWebCache
  • Introduction
  • GeoWebCache concepts
  • Services and endpoints
  • Embedded GeoWebCache
  • Layer configuration
  • Administration
  • Production considerations
  • GS 305: Deployment
  • Introduction
  • Application servers
  • Java Virtual Machine
  • Tomcat
  • GeoServer application structure
  • GeoServer data directory
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed